Does the way you look sell your book?

During this week's segment on Studio 10, Joe Hildebrand suggested the reason my book was published was because of the way I look. Talk about controversy! Several people mentioned they were 'disgusted' by this comment and said, 'Looks have nothing to do with it!' and 'It's a shame that hard work had to be boiled down to a discussion about looks.' 

When you submit your manuscript to agents and publishers all you have to rely on is the calibre of your words on the page and nothing else. There's also no photo of me on the jacket cover. 

I was amused by Joe's comment; after all it is his job to create a bit of a stir. Love a juicy discussion. 

Rachael's Gift stands alone.  

Spotted at Sydney Airport - thanks Andre Zahra

Spotted at Sydney Airport - thanks Andre Zahra