A surprise call from my old neighbour, 'A large box has arrived for you'.

Luckily we were still in touch. I'd forgotten to tell the publishers we had moved... oops. I had imagined  this moment - seen it dramatised in films, and thought it would be quite a defining one. An entire box of your very own first published book. Wow! Indeed, after seven years of labour, I thought we would have been popping the cork, but the birth was much more understated: a simple glass of red, a quiet night in watching a film I have already forgotten, drifting off to sleep on my husband's lap... the spine of Rachael's Gift standing tall on the mantelpiece. A few days later, RG remains in pride of place and I catch myself snatching a glimpse - yes, still there - guilty, as if I am looking in the mirror. 


Hello and welcome...

Thanks for stopping by. 

My first novel Rachael's Gift is being released in Australia and New Zealand this September. I'll let you know what's happening and fill you in on the long journey it has taken to get one foot on this precarious ladder and whether or not I make it to the next rung. 

But mostly it's about reading and writing and discovering life's little inspirations. 

See you soon